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Nordic Gas supplies turn-key facilities and systems for natural gas and biogas with high safety and good environmental properties.

  • Compressors
    We provide complete turn-key compressor and refueling systems for cars, trucks and buses.

    We design facilities and meet the current needs at public refueling stations and fuel stations for special vehicle fleets such as bus depots with ramp refueling.

    Refuelling stations are adapted to whether the gas is supplied in pipeline or mobile platform or in the form of LNG.

  • High pressure storage < 350 bar
    We supply stationary customized facilities for hig pressure storage for gas pressures up to 250-350 bar. We can arrange these in gas banks for efficient utilization of storage volume.
  • Mobile gas storage
    We deliver mobile gas storages of various sizes tailored to the actual conditions in each case.
  • Methane recovery
    Methane losses are costly and have an undesirable impact on the environment. We have developed a system for disposing of surplus gas from, for example, stationary and mobile gas storage gas stocks.

    The systems are based on primarily returning the gas to a low preassure pipeline or a high pressure line <300 bar, or secondarily destroy the gas by burning it. We supply customized facilities.

  • Condensate traps and gas holders for digesters
    We supply customized facilities for gas components for low pressure systems <50 mbar for biogas plants. We strive for high safety and good operational function.