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Since more than 110 years, J.A. Becker & Sons is an established partner for industry and manufacturing. Along with its 140 employees the company provides its customers with the most modern solutions in compressed air and lifting techniques.


In the late 1920ies, hydraulic pressure was used to replace mechanic screws. From then on, it was only a short step from using hydraulic power not only for pressing, but also for lifting. Together with the development of lifting units, the company specialized in designing and constructing compressors.

Today the company´s range covers the small workshop compressor as well as industrial compressors, used for example as driving units for electrical high voltage switches or for the filling of oxygen bottles for diving or rescue purposes.

During the last years the company specialized on high pressure compressors e. g. on nitrogen compression and on vehicle refueling in natural gas stations.

The product range includes piston compressors from 8 to 350 bar for the compression of air and other gases, screw compressors, breathing air compressors as well as the whole range of compressed air treatment.

JAB1Main emphasis in the production of lifting units is put on hydraulic lifts for repair and service works on passenger and utility cars and rail-driven vehicles. Furthermore it offers individual solutions for specific problems.

The flexibility of a medium sized company in combination with high quality requirements, customer orientated planning, development and production and a complete range of services makes J.A. Becker & Sons a qualified partner for a wide range of customers worldwide.