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Nordic Gas currently has a very wide-ranging network of contacts and works very closely with a number of selected key suppliers. Nordic Gas today has cooperation agreements, among others, with:

Vanzetti, very experienced supplier of pumps, evaporators and filling stations for liquefied methane gas, LNG / LBG.

J.A. Becker, experienced supplier who specializes in high-pressure compressors for fueling stations for natural gas and biogas, CNG / LBG, for pressures up to 350 bar.

A system is never better than its building blocks. For us, the choice of components and its suppliers is very important. In addition to performance and quality, the choice of suppliers is associated with the valuation of:

  • knowledge and skills for our application
  • perseverance and endurance
  • handling of problems that arise
  • honesty and openness

JA BeckerVanzetti