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IMG_8428The entire business concept and business of Nordic Gas Solutions is based on providing knowledge and technologies for environment-enhancing facilities and production. The ambition is to be a pronounced environmental company. To achieve this we will:

  • Strive to continuously reduce the company´s environmental impact, focusing on energy, chemicals and transport. We will ensure that the handling of hazardous waste is done in a safe and environmentally sound way.
  • Request that our suppliers and partners meet environmental requirements based on our own aspirations and the demands of our customers. We will always offer the possibility to choose eco-friendly materials and methods to our customers.
  • Encourage all employees within the company to prevent pollution in their daily work, through an active commitment to the environment. To ensure this, we regularly update our knowledge of environmental issues and regulations and actively educate all employees.
  • Assume and with margin meet all government requirements in legislation, regulations and local rules.
  • Constantly evaluate and develop environmental work using new, aggressive environmental goals.